Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cute Babies!!!!!

Well, Missy, Aunt Pat, Uncle Alvin, Mom, and Cathy did a double shift with the quints on Saturday. I also dropped in for a couple of hours to peek at em and see first hand what it is like at Quint Central. Wow. All I can say is...hang in there Em and Rob. Beings that I am not a baby person (big shock, huh?) it blows my mind to think about the whole process. Anyways, I will continue to send good thoughts your way and pray for you all. The babies are beautiful and seem to be doing so well. It is really something to see them all get baths and fed and all.

And by the way, sorry I haven't blogged in so long, or as Uncle Bob says, blobbed. I have been super busy with a couple of classes and other projects going on. Will try and do betta.

NOTE TO MEL AND SHAWN: Be sure and be careful and have lots of fun on vacation. Tell Aunt Debbie and their whole crew we said hi and we love em! And whatever you do, do not forget to blob the speagle. (To all who weren't at Quint central on Saturday that is Uncle Bob's code for: Blog the speedo.) :$

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