Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things here, are busy as usual!!! We all had the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago. It was horrible, we almost had to take Eli to the hospital. After a week we finally recovered. Right after that we had Tropical Storm Fay. Someplaces down here got over two feet of rain, we are still having problems with the flooding. It rained for about 40 hours straight, we didn't think it was ever going to stop. Sam is back in school taking two classes this semester. He is almost done, he will be graduating in May of 2009. He is also taking a 5 week review class on Saturdays for a big engineering test he has to take in October. Everyone please say a prayer for him, he is stressed out and hates to be away from his family. The boys are doing great now, they are always on the go!!! We are super excited to have Grandpa Larry back in Florida!!! Caleb can hardly wait to see him!!! Hope everyone is well. Love to all!!!

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Duhsey said...

These boys are so big and cute!