Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ladies of the Wright Stuff.

Sherri and I have been trying to celebrate the birthday of Linda Patricia Burke. We all know her as Lindy. Well we are gonna kill two birds with one stone on this one. We are also very very very overdue for a CUZZ BUZZ so we are going to put the two together. If some of you are not familiar with the first. A bunch of us got together and got a tattoo. I believe, help me with my memory, it was before The Shelb got married. we are not going to get another tattoo!!! But we are going to get together. I will be contacting each one that is within a 4 hour road trip (hint hint Cathy, Cheryl, and Missy) to please please attend. I promise you, YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Stacy, Kelly, and Sandy, I am truly sorry you are so far away. I wish I could tell you all about it, but that would ruin the surprise. Well it is no surprise we are getting together, but what is going to happen is just going to be fantastic. Sherri and I have really put some thought into this and we would like for every GIRL cousin to be able to attend. I am planning on this to happen on November 8th. I know Stephanie I said the 1st, but this will give all of us the opportunity to participate in the Second Cuzz Buzz. Here is the one and only catch to the whole thing. This will take some major thought. Each one who comes to the Buzz must bring with them materials to do a decoration. Now this decoration can be a theme decoration, junk from the trunk, craft crap, or whatever you would like to decorate or project with. Please bring enough to make your project complete. This is the esential part of the plan. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! It is very simple as mom says it. Just fill an icecream bucket with the stuff you want to decorate with. Don't go overboard and don't slide on this. I promise you will not want to miss this event. So all of you far and wide. Well not so much the wide part, please say you will come. Yes I am going to contact each of you...

Love to all!!!


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