Saturday, October 25, 2008

A new set of quints

The Lake home now has 8 rabbits, 3 goldfish and a set of twins. HELP! Just call me Grandma Wright.

We thought we had 3 boy rabbits - well, Thursday I came home at noon because Brady was not feeling well. I told him to go check on the rabbits and he came and informed me that we had babies. I thought he was trying to trick me but he wasn't. We had 8 babies. You can imagine my shock. I had to put cages together quickly to remove the other two adult rabbits and make a nest for the babies.

Lindy, you will not want to read the rest - Aunt Dee said it would upset you. The mother rabbit is not being very nice and has killed three and injured two more so we have removed them from her and I am feeding them myself. They are doing better since I have been attending them. I have been taking care of them for 12 hours.

I think we are going to name them , Ethan, Sydney, Jenna, Landon and Payton. Just Kidding!!!

With some advice from Aunt Dee and the vet and my dad we are nursing them ourselves. They are under lamps and eating from a syringe. I am feeding them puppy formula.

Life is never dull around the Lake House.

I am going to do my very best to be at Cuz Night!

Oh, Way to go Noah!

Love, Missy

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