Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Catching Up

Thank to all who attended Ross and Carrie's Wedding. We all had a wonderful time. It was really hard to see my daughter standing up there becoming a true family of her own. It was very hard to hold back the tears. And to all that was there got to witness the tenderness of Ross crying and Carrie making sure he was ok!!! Oh heck, it makes me cry every time I think about it!!! The two got off on their honeymoon on Monday morning. They went to Pigeon Forge for four days. They are supposed to be back on Friday. I have been watching Thomas while they are gone. Today I got to stay home with him because he has pink eye. Yippee!!! Just what I dont need. I know its contagious, but I know nothing more about it. Anyhoooo...I will be happy when mom and dad come back and take him home. Love the little guy with all my soul, but Ninny2 is pooped out!!! I also took a super duper head cold on Saturday the day of the wedding. That just ain't right!!!
Congrats to Cathy for stepping over to the techno side. All is well over here. I am so happy your surgery has went well. Now you are an official member of the Hollow Gals Club. Membership is free!!! Take your time to recover and relax and refresh. Enjoy the time off!
Thomas is ready to go back outside so I guess I am going back outside. I have pics to put on the other site. I will get them on soon.
Love to all!!!

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