Tuesday, March 13, 2007

broke butt mountain

for any of you all out there in the whole fam damily... i broke my butt. i fell in the shower and broke my tail bone. no offers on rubbing and kissing it to make it feel better. by the way lindy came up with the saying!!!!

so what is up with kelly? is she warming a bun in the oven? and i figured stacy would have to quit work soon. when is cheryl supposed to do the surgery. it is an overwhelming event, but it after party is a success. i have never felt better and dont miss those stupid whenever they wanted to show up and go away periods.

steph. congrats for getting on here girl!!! i haint been to work to help shelb get on since i broke my butt.

anyhooo. if we dont see each other until the benefit, then see yaa at the fenebit!!!!

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