Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy late birthday, Lisa!

Okay, so better late than neva. Lizapatootie's b-day was Saturday. She is 29 and holding as most of us are now. Funny how we all end up the same age, yet we were born all different times. Anywho...I knew it much earlier, but pulled a "duh...I should post this on the old family blog." And for any peeps out there who's b-day is upcoming...please do inform us. I do good to keep up with my own. And would rather not really, as they seem to be coming more often than they used too. What a quandary. So, here's to Lisa! Wahoo sistacuz! Hope your happier than ever and I think you are!! May you just get happier and happier till ya have to go slap-happy and get giddy and people think there is something seriously wrong with you and they can't find a way to stop making you smile and you eventually get an award for making the most people smile back in the whole wide world of sports. Amen.

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