Saturday, June 30, 2007

League and tourney champs

Tameka's right in the middle of her coaches. Tameka's team won both league (9 to 0) and tourney (10 to 8) championships. She had such great coaches this year. She had a ball. The team is going to have a pizza party in a couple of weeks. She is so proud of her two trophies. She is starting bible quizing Sunday. Noah did it last year and did really well.

Be praying for Rob and Emily. It is tough on them. I just pray God gives them the strength to get through each day. We are doing all we can to help but after our shifts we get to go home. Emily is there pretty much non stop and I know it's hard on her. You guys in Vincennes are really missing out. These babies are changing everyday. Ethan is really starting to smile and giggle. Sydney is right behind him. Can you believe they are 4 1/2 months old. Come on up and see them, get to know your lil cousins. We would love to introduce ya-all. Anyways, I'm gonna go.

Talk to ya later........



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