Monday, June 11, 2007

This and That and Then some!

Mel and Missy,

Boy do I know what you mean about no money for flowers. I had a great source this year for flowers. I got all the stuff free this year!! I went to mom's and dug up her back yard!! She had her entire fenced in yard for Charlie all dug up and re-sodded. Jeff, Sherri, and I spent 4 or 5 weekends and some thru the week digging up all the plants and taking them home to replant. So I was able to decorate my front yard and back patio with free flowers. Some of them have bloomed and some are not going to bloom this year, but will make a great looking flower garden next year!!! Both of my Ruby buckets are blooming too. I have had 13 blooms so far. I love those little flowers. I have wild violets growing in my yard too. So next spring when they bloom again, I will dig more of them up and put them in with all my other flowers. I was able to get four large starts transplanted before they stopped blooming. They are doing great, but only bloom once. I don't like that part. Anyhooooo...

Funny news about post wedding bliss for Carrie and Ross. Carrie went to the court house just today to get the court document stating they were married so she can get her new social security card. The preacher put that he married Carrie and Ross on May 5th. They didn't even go get the license until May 10th. Sooooo....she has to take all new papers to the preacher and have him fill them out with the correct date. No major damage done, but it could have been bad if she had waited another month. The license is only good for 60 days!!!

Still job hunting. No new leads and no hits on my resume. My job has just taken on so much stress and I am so ready for a less stress job. I ain't no young chich ya know!!! I hate coming home from work mentally exhausted and continuing to think about work when I get home. Where is that perfect stress free, high paying, great benefit job at??? Anyone??

Andrew and I went camping Memorial weekend. I haven't been camping since dad died. I had a great time. I of course had the only campsite that was completely bug free, mosquito free, and spider free. NOT!!! Really it wasn't bad at all. The days were warm, the nights were cool, and of course there was rain. What camping trip isn't complete without rain?? We camped at Red Hill State Park just 12 miles from my house. It has a really nice lake and picnic area and a small camp ground. The famous Trace Inn Restaraunt rests on the lake. I love the peace and quiet of this little place. It's a great little campground. And of course, for a few extra dollars...bug free!!

Hope all is well with each of ya'll.
How are you doing Cathy??? I hope you took all the time you needed and got the good rest you could get.
Mel, have a great time at Disney World. Come home safe and sound.

Love to all!!!


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